Video RestorationBecause we are Reliable.

Best in class video restoration services, which ensures in bringing new life to your old videos / films. We do everything from dirt-scratch removal to damage frame repairs, frame by frame. Oh, did we leave color grading, color correction and other best possible enhancements?


Digital Media ServicesTake your work, places.

Our in-house encoding, mastering and delivery to 2K/4K DCP Theatrical, TV Broadcasts, VOD Packaging and other digital platforms ensures that your content is available everywhere in best possible form.


Media AuthoringHome Entertainment, Redefined..

Tested and proven techniques, and specifically designed workflow ensures best possible representation of your content on DVDs and Blu-ray with crisp and clear audio-video. All this delivered within specific time-frame.

Film Restoration


With a balanced mix of tools and skill, we provice best possible film restoation services. The process involces repair of damaged frames, scratches, exposure, dust removal, color grading and correction, grain control, etc.

Digital Media Solutions


As the industry evolves to new standard of "Digital Files", we strive be a fore-runner in this domain. We ingest all types video (from SD to 6K) and audio files, and our wide range of Digital Media Solutions provide your content as per the delivery requirement. Our dynamic encoding system powers both HD and SD workflows efficiently.

DCP (Digital Cinema Package)


DCP - The final step in film production to digitally deliver High Resolution master for distribution across Digital Cinema screens. DCP has emerged to be a cost saving solution in distributing films. DCP creation, one of our signature services ensures DCI compliant output of your film master. Our systematic workflow ensures that the files are properly checked while ingesting, industry standard is followed and enables a fast turn-around time for deliveries. Whether you are planning for film-festivals or you are an independent film-maker, our cost-effective solutions halp you in all possible ways.
Please refer to our file submission guidelines.

Broadcast Media


We process content for delivery for TV broadcast as per client requirements in both SD and HD. The workflow invloves Remastering the content along with other enhancement to give optimum output.

DVD & Blu-ray Authoring


We extend our expertise to home video category by providing best possible audio-video quality for both DVD and Blu-ray. Wherever possible, our workflow involves processing video directly from 2K/HD source (DPX included). DVD and Blu-ray made by us speak of our work, themselves.

Archival Solutions


Your content is your baby. Thus it needs to be preserved in best possible way. Using our proprietary method and technology, we provide archival services of industry standard for your content. The content is thoroughly analyzed, thereafter it is processed properly and ultimately goes through proper QC.

Media QC Services


Our sophisticated technical evaluation process is for all types of Media Formats. Every movie, every source is different, thus proper and reliable analysis of content is needed. Our expert opinion helps you make wise decision regarding your content processing and delivery. Our clients already rely upon our opinion and suggestions. Try us!